Episode 7: Crooked Water Spirits and On-Demand Group CEO Heather Manley

Recorded in Dec 2019: 35 minutes

Heather Manley is a serial entrepreneur, whose resume looks like a never ending list of leadership opportunities and accomplishments. She currently is the CEO of Crooked Water Spirits (CWP), founded in 2013, as well as On-Demand Group (ODG), which she and her brother bought in 2008. CWP is an award winning national spirits line that is 100% women owned and self funded, producing unique craft spirits including bourbons, gins, vodkas, brandy and a ready-to-pour Old Fashioned. ODG is a global family-owned IT consulting firm that has been in business since 1996 and is headquartered in Minnesota. Tune in to hear how Heather manages the highs and lows of ownership and how she has the capacity to grow multiple businesses while remaining active in her community.


For more information, visit her Companies websites:

Dirty Goodness boutique: www.dirtygoodness.com

On-Demand Group:  www.ondemandgroup.com

Crooked Water Spirits: www.crookedwaterspirits.com

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