Episode 14: CorTalent Recruiting Services Director Todd Johnson

Episode 14: CorTalent Recruiting Services Director Todd Johnson 

June 13, 2020 ~ 31 mins

As a Recruitment & Retention Consulting firm, we help successful growing companies to leverage talent as their most important asset. Our Recruiting Services Director, Todd Johnson, leads our team of talent advisors and is constantly evaluating trends and processes in the Talent industry. Todd spent 7 years in Payroll & Compensation, but became eager to learn more about the “people side” of the business. In 2014, he sought out Mary Nutting for more information on the recruiting industry which led to him joining CorTalent as a Sr. Talent partner. Since then, Todd has built a strong network and team of executive recruiters as the Director of Recruitment Services. Another key element to his role is managing client engagements for our retained searches.

At CorTalent, we live by our CorValues: Think Fresh & Fun, Be Remarkable, Strive for Excellence, Have Passion, and Be Tenacious & Competitive — which Todd identifies most with when it comes to his management style. For Todd, competition comes in the form of motivation, encouragement, preparation, and consistency. Under the EOS model, Todd meets with the recruitment team each week to assess goals, achievements, financials, and best business practices. 

 During their time together, Laura and Todd discuss:

  • 5:35 ~ Should people be hiring right now?
  • 7:34 ~ The current climate of the talent pool 
  • 9:44 ~ CorTalent’s impact from and response to the pandemic
  • 24:00 ~ Todd’s favorite part of the recruiting process


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