Episode 12: Founder & CEO of Discover Strength Luke Carlson

June 16, 2020 ~ 34 mins

Luke Carlson, founder and CEO of Discover Strength, shares how his passion for kinesiology and fitness birthed his company. Discover Strength is a boutique training studio based in Minneapolis, and has expanded to 5 — going on 6 — physical locations since opening in 2006. With plans to grow into a franchise by 2025, building 100 studios in the United States, Discover Strength’s commitment to bridging the gap between science and the reality of human behavior gives them their competitive edge. Their personal training studios are among the highest volume and revenue training facilities in North America. Luke travels the world giving insight on leadership, management, and evidence-based exercise through public speaking.

During their time Laura and Luke discuss:

  • The science of how we should be exercising 9:03
  • Pivoting to virtual training 12:27
  • The misguided nature of our current fitness culture 17:15
  • How implementing EOS equips businesses for the unknown 19:34

Learn more: https://www.discoverstrength.com/

Connect with: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luke-carlson-9769816/

Luke’s book recommendation, Setting the Table

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